Day 71.




So the day to go to Alcatraz finally came! We were so excited. We met Sarah Kate at the Ferry Building and we headed on down to Pier 33 where we got the boat from. We got our picture taken in line but it was such a rip off, so I took a quick sneaky picture and tried my best to make it look decent. It’s so good.


When we got to the island we had a good wander around. There was a free audio tour included in the ticket price and that was brilliant! It was really interesting and really well done. When we were finished I bought a few presents in the gift shop and we hopped back on the boat.




After we got the boat back we headed to Pier 39 and got some food in Wipeout, a surfer restaurant, it was nice! 


After food we were stuffed, but me, Ali and Sarah Kate decided we would split some mini donuts. They were sooo good! At the point in time 2 was definitely more than enough. 





  1. rommel said:

    Alcatraz is high on my bucket list. Someday …someday.

    • calilou said:

      Good thing to have on there, it’s amazing!

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