Day 69.




We headed off to Fishermans Wharf today to go to the Ripley’s Believe it or not Museum! We felt like we needed a coffee to get us going for the day so we stopped off at Starbucks, they somehow spelt my name wrong…


After our snacks we headed off to the museum. It was so cool! There were so many interesting things and I think the mirror maze at the end was one of the best, we got lost and confused so many times! I couldn’t take any pictures of that because it was too dark and the flash would have just ruined it. But here are some other pictures from the day! 🙂




So after Ripley’s we went to get some Cold Stone, FINALLY!
It was so good, I got the birthday cake remix, just for Jess and Kinley 🙂 It was beautiful but I felt a bit sick after because the woman made too much and had to put it in a medium cup, oh well, it was still lovely. 


We headed back to the BART and I decided I would stop off at the Westfield and get some presents for people, but I forgot it was Sunday and everything was closed when I got there 😦 So I just headed home after that and I got pizza for dinner, lovely!

We’re going to Alcatraz on Tuesday and it’s going to be so good, especially if what people say about it is true, really excited for that. 





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