Day 68

So today was move in day for Sarah Kate! It’ll be sad to see her go. Me and Ali headed to Berkeley with her to help her move her stuff in. We hopped on the BART and went to Berkeley, it’s such a nice place.


We headed to her dorms when we got there so she could drop her stuff off. They had free lemonade, coffee and fruit in the lobby, it was so good! We put her stuff in the room, her roommate hadn’t arrived yet so she left a note to say she would be back later to say hello.



We headed off to get the bus to IKEA. She gets free travel with her student ID, so jealous but it’s so cool! The bus driver was a crazy lady, she stopped the bus to say there was no air conditioning and that it was damn hot so she didn’t drive off until everyone had opened all of the windows, so funny!





We brought all of the stuff she got back to her dorm. I somehow managed to not buy anything in IKEA which is a first for me! I’m getting better at not spending money on useless things! When we got back her roommate was moving in so we just said hello and left the room for a while so she could get settled in, she had a looot of boxes! We chilled outside for a while and then said our goodbyes. Me and Ali stopped in Subway for a cookie on the way back, then decided that we needed milkshakes from Ben and Jerry’s, they were so good!


We headed back to the BART then and we were absolutely wrecked. Once we got home we pretty much collapsed on the sofa and now we’re all just chilling watching some Malcolm in the Middle. I think the plan for tomorrow is Six Flags, so that’s hopefully gonna be an amazing day out! 😀


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