Day 67.

So me, Ali and Sarah Kate decided to go to Stow Lake today, in Golden Gate Park. We hopped on the muni and got on our way.


When we got to the park we headed to the lake. We got a snack and once we ate that we rented our pedal boat! We started off with Ali and Sarah Kate pedaling, but then we were a bit rebellious and switched places, standing up in the boat isn’t allowed, oooh! So me and Sarah Kate pedaled and Ali steered us around. It was so much fun! The lake was so lovely and there were birds and turtles everywhere!




After the lake we went back to the muni and went to Mission. We went to the Crepe House and me and Sarah Kate got waffles and Ali got a savoury crepe. It was sooo good! I really miss living near cafés and restaurants and shops in general, so it was nice to go back to where we were living.


We went to AT&T after so Sarah Kate could get a sim card. When that was taken care of we went to the BART at 16th so we could get home, a homeless woman threw a shoe at us…very different place in comparison to 24th! We were wrecked when we got home so we just took it easy for the night and watched some telly. Good day all round 🙂





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