Day 66.




So today was nice! We have a new house guest too, Sarah Kate! The others know her from school, she’s going to be living in Berkley for the year while she goes to college so she’s staying with us until she moves into her dorm, she’s just lovely!

Me, Ali and Sarah Kate headed off on an adventure this morning, we didn’t have much time but we managed to get a lot done! We went to the Ferry Building first and saw the lovely views of the bay. There were a lot of fancy office workers who for some reason all had their meals split into sections, it looked nice, but we don’t know why they don’t just eat sandwiches, so much easier.


We went to Starbucks for a coffee after and to discuss what we were going to do next. We decided we would go to Chinatown, mainly to see the fortune cookie factory that we saw on a Stephen Fry program that we watched last night. It was so cool! Chinatown is such a mad place, we’re gonna head back there another day with everyone and have a better look around when we have more time. But for today we got our fix. We also got bags of fortune cookies, a mixture of chocolate and vanilla, they’re so good.



This made me sad 😦ImageImage

After Chinatown we went on a search for some food. We stopped off at a place called Melt and got some soup, it was lovely!


I headed off to Market Street on my own because Ali had work and Sarah Kate had to go to Berkley to do some college stuff. I may have bought a beautiful green hoodie…it was worth it and I stand by my decision to buy it. It’s sooo nice. Good day all round 🙂




  1. rommel said:

    50 cents to take picture, nice! Creative images this time, eh?

    • calilou said:

      Haha, I know! I gave a dollar because the old guy was so cute, but it was a crazy place, so cool!

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