Day 63.

I planned on doing something today, but never really got around to it and nobody else was up for something fun so I wasn’t really in the mood to go somewhere alone. 

I went to Safeway with Tom around lunch time, I got the best mocha coconut frappucino ever, it was so fancy! We also saw a human woman in an electric wheelchair with a basket on the front which contained a chihuahua wrapped in a blanket, it was hilarious but really weird at the same time. 

I just lounged around and watched some Malcolm in the Middle and I also watched Heathers. I made a lovely quesadilla for dinner and I just came back from a walk. It was insanely windy out so I didn’t really go out for long, but there was some nice views. So here they are!

I actually really, really like how these turned out, I think I’ll print some of them out and put them on my wall when I get home as a little series.





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