Day 58.

So we woke up and I called the guy that was supposed to let us view the apartment, he didn’t know we wanted to move in tomorrow so we basically had to get dressed and run up there. Jesus we’re gonna be fit after it! There are two little hills leading up to Harry Street, which isn’t actually a street, just a shit load of steps that lead up to Beacon Street, we are going to die. 

We got there anyway and he let us in, it’s a bit small but looks lovely and will definitely be good enough to live in, we can’t complain about the cheap rent either! 



After the walk back me and Tom headed to La Taqueria, got the best burrito ever. It was so cheap too, the veggie one is $3 cheaper than the meat ones, gotta love being vegetarian. We headed back to the apartment after and I had a quick nap, well, maybe about 2 hours or so…but I woke up feeling nice and refreshed!



I started to pack up my stuff but got hungry so me and Tom headed down to the Crepehouse to get some food, I got the roasted eggplant sandwich with their amazing potatoes, so good. I have leftovers too which will be a nice reward after I get done packing, which is going to be impossible. 

Tomorrow will be full of moving and ordering food from Safeway because there’s no way we could carry it all up the steps, I think we would die. It’s going to be weird living there because we don’t have everything on our doorstep, but I think it will be a nice change, we’re beside a park so there are some nice nature trails to check out and the view is amazing. 

  1. bam-bam said:

    Congratulations on finding a new place. If the photos were taken “en route” it looks like it’s in a great spot. Enjoy all the steep hills and steps!

    • calilou said:

      Thanks! Yeah they were, it’s crazy high up, gotta plan everything because there’s no shops near us unless we wanna walk back up the steps…

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