Day 38.




So the lovely post man woke me up this morning and delivered my credit card to me, finally! I went back to bed for another bit because it was pretty early. I got up and had some breakfast and once I was showered and ready I headed out to the BART. I hopped off at Powell and went to do some shopping. First stop was Forever 21 and it wasn’t the best, not much there which was kind of annoying. I went to Sephora next and it was so hard to not buy everything! I ended up buying a hand cream and Kat Von D eyeshadow palette, it’s so nice! I was going to get an Urban Decay one until I spotted the Kat Von D one, it’s nicer and was $5 cheaper too, bargain! While I Was paying I was told that there’s a meet and greet with Kat Von D in the store tomorrow so I got the wristband and might head along to that, exciting. 

My new eyeshadow palette, the packaging is so lovely.




I went to Urban Outfitters and bought nothing, then H&M and bought a nice owl t-shirt and then bought a tank top in Old Navy, I didn’t look around too much because I always find the staff are a bit too in your face, I like to shop in peace like at home, where nobody asks you if you want help because it’s annoying…

I headed home and chilled at the apartment for a while. Tom came home from work and we got pizza for dinner, I got cheese with courgettes, a vegetable! Me, Tom and Ali headed out for a takeaway coffee and came back and watched some It’s Always Sunny and Modern Family, so good. 


Just chilling out now, everyone is on their laptops doing various things. No plans for tomorrow, might go to the Kat Von D thing or if it’s nice I might head to the park and do some drawing/reading, we’ll see! I’ll probably end up in the coffee shop.







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  1. Mam said:

    Hia love,you should defo go and see kat Von dee.Especially when you have seen her in Dublin .xx

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