Day 35.

So me and the lads didn’t really sleep at all last night, Andy didn’t get any sleep! I got some but kept waking up, no idea why we’re all of a sudden like this. Anyway, when we woke up we all went for breakfast to Mission Kitchen, I got the veggie omlette and it was lovely as usual. After that we headed home and just hung out for the day. Ali had work at half four. We got pizza for dinner, need to stop relying on Serranos to feed us and start fending for ourselves…



We watched some Workaholics and It’s Always Sunny and the lads played some games for a while. Tom got the idea into his head that we just had to have a poker night, so we headed out to the shops to get some supplies and when we got back Tom set up the table and Andy started counting out the chips, which were just the coins from our coin jar, but it worked out well! It was a fun night, I’m awful at poker though, really thought I was a better gambler than that but I ended up just giving up because I only had a dollar left and I wouldn’t have got anywhere. It was fun while it lasted! 🙂





Tom asking Dolores for some advice



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