Days 30-32, I think.

So I’ve been behind again and every time I’ve tried to catch up on the days separately it’s made me even more confused. So here are a few days rolled into one! Once this is done I’ll be back to normal.

So things I’ve done:
I made a really nice stir fry one of the nights for dinner, it had tofu, garlic, soy sauce and noodles topped with spring onions, so simple and so good! I think that morning I went to the coffee shop with Tom for a while, tried blogging but the upload speed is slower than a dead snail, so that failed.
The light in the kitchen is really awful for some reason, even though it’s pretty bright in there, oh well.


Had some Phat Philly’s for lunch, amazing as usual.


Played with the cats, found out Frances loves playing with coins, when it suits him anyway.



I went raccoon hunting last night! The second I stepped out the door this lad was waiting on the bush when I got out! HE’S SO CUTE! I’ll hug him one of these days with an ambulance on standby incase I get rabies…but I don’t think he has rabies, he seems nice.



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