Day 29.

I didn’t really do much today, I got up at a reasonable hour and just chilled for the day. I went to the coffee shop with Tom for a while and then we got lunch in Phat Philly’s, I got the usual tofu-steak and some waffle fries.

We headed back to the apartment and then me and Tom went to do some washing, it’s been a while since I did that, but luckily I over packed as usual so I haven’t ran out of clothes yet. I got some strawberry froyo, no toppings cos I wasn’t in the mood. Tom got his new favourite, plain.


We got pizza for dinner, two slices so I could eat one now and then eat the rest throughout the night, it’s sooo good

I went out to Walgreens that night to get a few bits, I bought a nice old person blanket so I can get cosy and not bring my duvet into the sitting room, because it’s waaay too big for that carry on. I also got a bendy led lamp so I can read/do stuff at night in the room, the lightbulbs have to be manually screwed in to be turned on and I’m too short to do it 😦

We watched some weird ghost documentary and then headed to bed, I was wrecked so I threw on some Brand New and tried to get some sleep.


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