Day 27.

I got up today and had some lovely news, I facetimed the fam and dad had said he transferred some money to me so I won’t have to borrow any/die. So I had a chat with them and then went to collect it. The place was sooo weird, it was some weird little Mexican shop that sold really strange tacky house souvenir type things and horrible beaded necklaces, it was so odd. I filled in the form and the guy gave me my money, happy days! I headed over to Walgreens after to get some suncream and other essentials then I headed home.

When I got home I said I’d clean the apartment so I had a quick rest and then got to it. I cleaned every single room and it was spotless, go me! It’s going to be messy again soon enough but sure at least it’ll look nice for a little while anyway.

When everyone was home I booked tickets to see Spiderman! So exciting. We headed to the BART and went to Walgreens to buy cheap sweets so we didn’t have to pay a fortune in the cinema, a literal fortune over here. We got to the cinema and had trouble swiping the card to get the tickets, so me and Tom queued up with his card and the confirmation email and the girl tried to give us the tickets, until she realised we had booked them for the wrong cinema. I apparently can’t do anything right. We looked up the address of the other cinema and we legged it there, we got there and we were absolutely wrecked but we got our tickets no bother and went into the cinema. We were 10 minutes late but luckily Americans love their ads and they were on for about another 10 minutes after we got in and seated, they’re insane.

The film was amaaazing! Gotta love a bit of Andrew Garfield, yes please. After the cinema we went to Burger King because Andy hadn’t eaten, then we headed back to the BART. We were waiting about 15 minutes on one but it was after midnight so it makes sense. We got home and pretty much everyone went to bed.

Yo, pictures.

The fog is always insane around here, not where we are but everytime we head into the city a bit it’s really foggy, so nice. I might head in one night during the week and try and do some long exposures, have a few ideas but no tripod, but I’ll find a nice bin to rest my camera on, it’ll be cool.



The cinema was insanely fancy for the area that it was in! Not really dodgy, but just a lot of homeless people around. But yeah, crazy fancy cinema, so nice.




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