Day 26.

I waited around all day for my cards today, I was extremely stressed and just not up for the day at all. They didn’t arrive so I called them again and was basically told that there was nothing they could do for me. Fantastic. I tried ringing AIB on my phone to order a new one but my phone wouldn’t let me call for some stupid reason! Tom had the brilliant idea of using his skype credit to call, it worked eventually and I ordered another card. I should hopefully get them the end of this coming week or the start of next week, sooo happy it’s sorted now!

So once I had accepted that the cards weren’t coming me and Andy just relaxed all day and watched some Black Books, so funny. When Tom and Ali came back we went out to get some froyo, I got strawberry with strawberries and raspberries, it was amazing. Tom and Ali headed off to the coffee shop and me and Andy went to get some food, we settled on Phat Philly’s and even though I’d already eaten I couldn’t resist, I got the usual tofu-steak with a lovely bitta provolone.




Tom’s $7 yoghurt…



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  1. bam-bam said:

    Thumbs up for sorting that nightmare out !

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