Day 25.

So today was pretty stressful, I went to the post office with Tom to collect my card reader and to see if they had my cards. The supervisor was so rude and it took about 10 minutes to get through to her that the post was registered and we had a tracking number for it. After a lot of explaining I eventually wrote down the number and gave her my address so she could go off and look for it. She looked for about another 10 minutes and when she came back she was so rude and basically said that the letter wasn’t there and it was probably in the main post office. We said to her that the USPS website says it’s available for pickup and it has been scheduled for re-delivery twice now and it hasn’t shown any sign of getting there, she basically told us that the information on their website is just blindly entered. What’s the point in having it then?! So we said thanks, being the polite people we are and we headed off and had a good rant about it on the way to Best Buy.

We stopped off in Walgreens on the way home and when we got back Ali had cooked a lovely pasta bake for lunch so we ate that. After lunch I gave USPS another ring and was on hold forever, but I wasn’t giving up! I eventually got speaking to a lovely man named Trevor, who was in shock that it hadn’t been delivered! So he said he would schedule it again for tomorrow and he was really sorry and if it didn’t get delivered again to ring and they’ll make a case out of it. Dear god, I hope it’s delivered tomorrow, there’s no way I can live off $5 and I don’t want to have to keep borrowing money off people. Stupid post office. 

I’m just chilling in the coffee shop at the moment with Tom working on some stuff, fun times. Tomorrow will be full of waiting anxiously for the post man who probably won’t bring my cards and I’ll therefore have to go to the main post office and possibly go postal…possibly. 

Pretty much the only picture worth uploading from today, too stressed to think of photos. 

Good luck making a phone call with this…



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