America Day.

So today was the 4th of July, it’s technically yesterday now, but sshhh…

Ali was working so me, Tom and Andy went out for breakfast to Mission Kitchen, I had a lovely omlette as usual, then we headed back to the apartment. We hung around for about an hour while Tom did some work, then we headed off to the Exploratorium for the day, well we planned on it anyway. We got the BART to Montgomery and then walked to Pier 39, we stopped for Slurpees on the way in 7-11, sooo good! Tom also got a Subway.

While we were walking around we spotted an oxygen bar, we went straight in and the guy massaged our heads with a vibrating head massager, it was the nicest thing in the world. Tom and Andy decided to go to the oxygen bar so we all sat down. The guy put some crazy massage thing on, the controller was like an iPod and you control the different settings yourself, it was amazing. It was one of the best things ever, so good that the lads went halves on one, beautiful. Dad, if you’re reading this I think you should buy one for your back…


We were wandering around the shops for a while, we found an amazing sweet shop, it had cereal size boxes of Nerds! (Yo Jess, I’ll try and send some back) We decided that we would leave the Exploratorium because it was getting too late, so we just had a little wander around there and headed back to the apartment. We walked back a weird way and ended up beside China town, can’t wait to go there properly. We found the BART station eventually and we hopped on and headed to Walgreens to try and get some food to BBQ in the park, there was none. 

Eventually we all headed to Dolores Park, drinks in bags and shoes on feet, when we got there there was sooo many people! We found a nice spot on the hill and just chilled, one guy told us there was going to be a flag burning on Hipster Beach at midnight, no idea where that is but I wanna find it! We decided it would be best not to go, it being illegal and what not. Eventually at about 10 the cops kicked us out, I think it’s because there were a lot of people setting off fireworks and it was really dangerous, but they were sound about it so we just got up and left. We watched a few episodes of Father Ted when we got back and then headed to bed. It was a fun day all round 🙂




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