Day 23.

I’m not really in the mood to write out a long post. I went to the post office because they didn’t deliver my letter, just a slip that said I had to collect it. When I went to collect it it wasn’t there and I have to go back on Thursday after 11 to get it, if it’s not there I’m going to kill someone.

I got back and we went to Dolores and ordered pizza to the park, we didn’t stay there long. I came home and went to the coffee shop, sat down and took my stuff out but put it back because I didn’t feel like sitting there anymore. We’re chilling at home now watching The Cable Guy, so good.

Here’s some pictures.

The sky was crazy blue today.

T hat’s what you get when you order one slice, amazing.

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  1. bam-bam said:

    “Ride a bike and be happy even when it’s all up hill ! ‘

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