Day 22.

I waited around all day for the postman today. He never came. I had scheduled a re-delivery for my bank and credit cards, but no sign. I waited until about 4 and then I rang USPS. I was on hold a while and the robot woman kept telling me to hang up and call back, but there was no way I was quitting now! Eventually I got talking to a strange guy named Craig and he sorted it all out for me, made a complaint that it wasn’t delivered today and set it to be delivered tomorrow, hallelujah! 

I put on a face and headed down to Dog Eared Books, I had finished reading Palo Alto last night and wasn’t in the mood to re-read The Catcher in the Rye so I fancied buying something new. I ended up buying Thumbsucker and Pieces for the Left Hand. I stopped into Ritual Roasters on the way home and grabbed a latte. When I got back Tom was already home, so we ordered Chinese for dinner. I wasn’t in the mood for something big (or expensive) so I just got vegetable chow mein. 


After dinner we all headed down to Ritual Roasters, where I’m writing this at the moment. Andy headed back, he just came for the walk. I’m not doing anything else exciting later, just planning on drinking a lot of coffee and maybe doing some drawing if I can be inspired. Hopefully going to the mall tomorrow if my cards arrive, it’s been too long since I’ve bought things I don’t need! 


  1. Lynda said:

    hello louise are andy and tom being kids again love saoirse.

    • calilou said:

      Hello Saoirse! They’re not being too bad but you should have seen them in the playground 🙂

      • Lynda said:

        oh well i hope the nurf guns they had when i was haveing a sleepover
        are they in the bin????

      • calilou said:

        Haha, they’re not in the bin but they didn’t bring them, so we’re safe 🙂

  2. Lynda said:

    Hi Louise , my fish were freaking out this afternoon because the light was flashing on and off in the tank. It is broken.
    from Nina

    • calilou said:

      Oh no, is the fish ok now? I think you might need to get a new lightbulb!

      I’ll ask him if he can read a book in Egyptian, but I don’t think he can 🙂

  3. Lynda said:

    remember when i said to tom that he was a nerd well tell him if he not a nerd tell him to read me a book in egyptian

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