Day 21.

So today was Sunday Streets! They closed off the whole of Valencia and shops had stalls set up and there were people selling things. We didn’t get there until about two and if finished at four, but there were still a good few people out. 


There was a pretty good turn out considering the weather was fairly crap, it rained a bit yesterday and it was drizzling this morning, it’s kind of a nice change though, except it’s still really warm so it’s confusing deciding what to wear before you go out…



  1. rommel said:

    Great post! Sorry, er? Where is Valencia exactly at?

    • calilou said:

      Thanks! 🙂
      It’s a street in The Mission District in San Francisco 🙂

      • rommel said:

        Hmmm… I see. Thanks for letting me know. Nice images by the way

      • calilou said:

        No problem! Thanks again 🙂

  2. Mam said:

    Hia looked nice did you buy anything?

    • calilou said:

      Nah, there wasn’t really much to buy! Had a look though, there was a lovely record player for $20 but I’d have no way of getting it back 😦

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