Day 20.

I didn’t really sleep well again last night, as usual. I woke up a few times from noises outside and because of the cats. I got up about 10 and had a lovely shower, then I had some chocolate chip waffles for breakfast, beautiful. We ordered pizza for lunch, I didn’t take a picture, but I got two slices for $6 and it was pretty much a quarter of a large pizza, amazing value! Definitely going to order that from now on. 

After lunch me and Tom went to Ritual Roasters, which is where I am writing this at the moment, again. I got an iced mocha, wasn’t really impressed with it but the place has a really nice atmosphere, the people are lovely and the iced latte I just got is lovely, so second chances are definitely worth it in this case 😉



Not much else to say about today, finally gave Andy his birthday present, aside from his knife I got him some donuts, flip flops and post it notes, he likes to leave thank you notes in restaraunts 🙂 I also made the knife money into an origami bow tie and shirt, sweet.

I think tomorrow we’re going to go to the street market on Valencia and then maybe to the Golden Gate bridge, if it’s not raining I assume! Everybody has the day off so we’re going to make the most of it. Later skaters.


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