Breakfast and Laundry.

I’m getting so confused with my days because I haven’t been keeping on top of this as much as I should be. So here are two days mixed into one. I went for an amazing breakfast with Andy in the Mission Kitchen, it was so cheap and there was an insane amount of food, can’t wait to go back there again because it was sooo good! After that we just wandered around Mission and went to Walgreens to get some stuff. Me and Tom got pizza for dinner, it was amazing as usual. We took a quick trip to Walgreens that night and I bought a lovely cheap sweatshirt and he got a notebook.Image


The next day me, Andy and Ali went to the laundromat. We stuck our clothes in the machines and headed next door to get some froyo, it was amazing as usual and this time we got loyalty cards, can’t wait to get a free one! We went back to the apartment and we got Chinese for dinner. I got the same as last time but it was different, still tasted lovey though. We had some birthday drinks for Andy and at 8 in the morning Irish time, Jeff and Phil skyped us and drank with us, such men. So that was a good laugh, we all headed to bed after that.


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  1. Mam said:

    Hia wish Andy a happy’s the sunburn?Did your cards arrive?

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