Day 11.

Today was a bit of a lazy day, it was pretty hot when I woke up so I wasn’t in the mood for leaving the house. We chilled around the apartment for a while, just me and Andy, Ali had gone with Tom because she wanted to check out Palo Alto. 

We watched some Animal Cops Houston, Francis joined us for a while and covered the arm of the sofa in hair. Eventually I tidied up the sitting room, put away Tom’s wardobe of clothes from the floor to his drawer and gave the place a good hoover. Even though it’s going to be full of cat hair by tomorrow morning it’s still nice to have it looking really clean for a while. 

After the cleaning I had a shower and went to Walgreens and the farmers shop to get some groceries, I bought some nice looking fruit so I’m looking forward to not getting rickets. Ali was back when I got back so we all just watched telly for a while. When Tom got back he took Ali outside, he sneakily bought her an early birthday present of a bike because she’s been dying to get one while we’re here and for at home. They went off to get frozen yoghurt and me and Andy ordered pizza to Dolores Park. 

On the walk to the park we witnessed a car crash! Everyone was ok but it was an exciting two minutes. It was me and Andy’s first time at the park, the others had been a few times on their own. It’s really nice! There were tons of people just hanging out and chilling. We got our pizza and ate it on the grass, some guy came up to us and wanted to know if we wanted him to take a picture of us, so we said yeah and offered him pizza. He came back a few minutes later and asked us if we wanted to go to his roof garden to enjoy the last of the sun…we politely declined and he went off. Weird. 

When we were finished the pizza we headed down to the playground, it was so cool! Definitely have to go back there more often, we’re going to try and make it a thing where we eat there once a week, it’s so nice. 


On the way back to the apartment we stopped outside a bookshop and gave him the rest of our pizza, he was so, so happy with it, I think it made his night.

We got back and me and Ali headed out to the shop to get some beer, they didn’t have any cider so we got bud-light, it’s actually not that bad! I think I’ve finally found a beer that I can drink and not make weird faces after, nice. We just hung around and watched some Workaholics and chilled on the porch for a while because it was a nice night out. 


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  1. I’m getting more and more jealous after every read! I wonder what the roof-top garden would have been like?

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