Day 10.

Today was a very lazy day. I woke up a good few times during the night and when I woke up really early I just forced myself to go back to sleep. I got up about 10 and just chilled with Andy and Ali. We watched some Blue Mountain State and I made a nice veggie bacon and cheese bagel for breakfast. I facetimed the fam for a while which was nice. When I was finished with them I had a killer headache so I tried to take a nap for a while. Andy had gone for a walk and Ali eventually went to work. I had the house to myself! I thought about going out for a while but I wasn’t in the mood and my head was still killing me. Andy came home and we watch 1,000 Ways to Die and Worlds Worst Tenants, so good. 

When Tom got back we watched telly for a bit and then we headed to Urban Burger where Ali is working. It took us a while to find it because we didn’t go far enough so we kept walking back and forward until we leeched off some wifi and found the right address. When we got in we ordered our food, we were waiting a while but it’s all cooked fresh so it made sense. I got a veggie burger with provolone and pesto mayo and fries. Honestly, I wasn’t that impressed which is disappointing. Maybe if we go back I’ll just try something different, but the pesto mayo wasn’t the nicest. The chips were pretty good though but I was so full I couldn’t eat many. Free drink refills were nice and of course the staff are great 😉 ImageImageImageImageImage

We’re just chilling at the apartment now and watching some Family Guy. I think I’m going to play my ukulele for a while, haven’t really played it much so far so I’m going to look up some fun songs and see what happens! No plans for tomorrow but I might go to the shopping centre or just wander around, still haven’t gotten to the local Starbucks so there’s also that. Sure we’ll see. 


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