Day 9

I woke up pretty early this morning, about 8:15 to be exact. I was heading to the Hillsdale Shopping Centre with Tom and Ali, Tom was going onto Palo Alto to work though. We got on the bus and there were no crazy people this time. We were waiting a while for the Caltrain but it wasn’t too bad. It’s been trying to rain since last night but it still hasn’t. We dressed for cold weather this morning because it was pretty misty and kind of drizzling. But the second we got off the train at Hillsdale it was really sunny. 



We said goodbye to Tom on the train and we headed to the shopping centre. First stop was H&M. I tried on a few things but they fit really weird, which was strange because they were smaller sizes than I would usually try but they were too big, makes no sense! I ended up buying a tank top in the guys section that says http colon slash www dot on it, it’s pretty sweet. I also got a lint roller to get rid of the cat hair that’s going to accumulate on my clothes over the next month and a half. 


We went to Forever 21 next and I got two tops in the reduced section and a pair of earrings and a ring. I was kind of disappointed because I thought they were going to have a huge jeans section but they didn’t, really wanted to try out their cheap jeans but I’m better off waiting until I get home unless there’s a bigger store somewhere here. We headed to the Vans shop next. I tried on a pair of jeans but they were a horrible fit, I was kind of disappointed because I had high hopes, but maybe it’s just because I love Vans so much. They also had the mint green pair of shoes I wanted but they only had two pairs left and they didn’t have my size 😦 Apparently they were very popular and are pretty much considered a discontinued colour until they get them in in July, maybe. I think I’m going to get a blue pair instead because the black ones I own are starting to fall apart :/

The Vans changing rooms were sweet.  


We went to a few other shops like Hot Topic and Victorias Secret and I bought a few things, can’t wait to try out the vanilla body mist I got in VS, it smells lovely! We headed back to the train station because we had to get the train at 2 because Ali had to be at work. I was going to stay on and have a look around a few more shops but I decided it was for the best that I didn’t because I had spent too much money already. 

We got the train home and we caught a bus handy enough. I stopped off at Phat Philly’s again to get a tofu cheese steak, I was way too hungry to cook something and I just couldn’t get their food out of my head. It was so good. 

Ali headed off to work just after 4 and me and Andy just chilled and watched some Blue Mountain State for a while, so funny. Tom got in touch with us and we said we would meet him at McDonalds when he finished work. We headed there and got some food, I got a frozen strawberry lemonade, they’re really weird but if you mix it well enough they actually taste really good. We headed back to the apartment and the lads ate their food. We watched some more Blue Mountain State and just chilled for a while. I was talking to the guy next door who was asking if we were here long because he has never seen people as young as us, haha! So that was nice, making friends with the neighbours! Image

We’re just hanging around now playing some Playstation and I’m drinking another Four Loko, they’re the weirdest things I’ve ever tasted, and not really good weird. Although, the blueberry lemonade wasn’t bad, but stay away from the fruit punch, it’s awful. Going to go now and relax a bit, no plans for tomorrow, might just take it easy and explore.

  1. You’re going to need a private plane to get all your purchases back to Ireland! I just remembered that my former boss “Frances” comes from San Fran. Do you remember her? Do you remember her daughter and her bunny “Caramel”. I’m enjoying following your adventures. Can’t wait to see what you find tomorrow.

    • calilou said:

      Haha, I know! I’m sure I’ll buy more too because I still need to check out the local shopping centre :/ I do remember! I also remember their cat Potato, haha! Thank you 🙂

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