Day 8.

I was woken up early this morning by people banging doors, tried to get to back to sleep but I couldn’t. I got up and facetimed my dad for Fathers Day, it was nice because I got to talk to mam, Jess and Shane and Louise too. After that I had a shower and me, Tom and Andy headed out to get breakfast, Ali had to go into work.


Free lamp beside the post box.




We walked to a place we spotted on Valencia but it was way too packed and there were loads of people waiting outside, must be some amazing food but we weren’t willing to wait today. We walked up to Guerrero and found a nice little place. I got a veggie melt bagel and an iced mocha. It was good! The bagel was kind of small though and there was so much lettuce I pretty much had a salad by the time I was finished, the iced mocha was ok too. I’d go back again but I’d like to try the other place before I do.

Tom’s gross iced coffee.




We went back to the apartment and played some playstation for a while. Eventually we had some lunch, I had a veggie corn dog, it was nice but the batter was really sweet so I don’t think I’ll buy them again after I finish the rest. After lunch me and Tom went out to buy some stuff for dinner, we went to the farmers market shop and got some nice veggies and I got some amazing looking raspberries! We headed to Walgreens then for some cheese and then to the butchers to get some chicken, it’s the biggest chicken breast I’ve ever seen! I wish I brought my camera with me because they had literally every part of the animal for sale, you should have seen the cow tongues and the fresh pork blood, just lovely.

When we got back we chilled out for a while and Julie the apartment owner came by to give us the key to the post box because we have some stuff on the way. She said hello to the cats and stayed for a little while. She does acupuncture so we’re thinking of maybe getting some of that done! I feel like I need to get rid of some stress and stuff right now so if that works then that’d be lovely.

When Julie left, Tom started to cook dinner. It was supposed to be a secret process that only he was allowed to see, but I stayed in the kitchen because I was scared to leave the room…we waited for Ali to come back from the laundromat before we ate. It turned out well! There were three types of tomato dip and he made some cheese quesadillas, there was also fried chicken for the meat eaters. For dessert he made deep fried twinkies, stayed well away from those. 




I’m going to end this post here because I just plan on sitting in all night and either listening to music or watching a film. Possibly going to the Hillsdale shopping centre tomorrow, can’t wait to do some shopping! If I do go it means Jess will get her Bath and Body Works haul pretty soon 😉


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