Day 6.

I was woken up early this morning because everyone was wandering around. I tried to go back to sleep but there wasn’t much point, I got up just before 8 I think. I had some cereal for breakfast and we watched some Animal Cops Houston. Tom was at work, Andy went to the science museum and Ali had a job interview, so I cleaned around the apartment and tried to hoover up as much cat hair as I could, it looked pretty good when I had finished but it’s probably going to be the exact same tomorrow, stupid hairy cats…

I had a shower and quickly face timed Jess so that was nice. After that I headed down to Walgreens to get a few bits, I got some nailvarnish and other essentials. Picking headache tablets in America is so confusing. I also got a few treats like mini donuts and some Kraft mac and cheese which I’ve been dying to try!

I just chilled out for a while when I got back. When Tom came home we had something to eat and then we decided we would go for a walk around the pier. We hopped on the Bart at 24th Street and we were on our way. We had a walk along the docks and stopped for a while to look at the Bay Bridge, it’s sooo nice! There were some lovely fancy boats there too which was cool. I wanted to get a Starbucks on the way back but they had closed, so we just got the Bart home. We’re probably just going to chill out now for the night, maybe watch some telly or Netflix, ah Friday’s.



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