Day 5.

I didn’t get up too early this morning which was nice, I was still in bed when Tom was leaving for work so I just said goodbye and good luck. I eventually got up had some cereal and we watched some Animal Cops Houston for a bit. I had a shower and when we were ready me and Ali headed to Mission to get some CV’s printed.


We got that taken care of and then we headed back to Valencia and she handed them into a few places. We walked the length of Valencia to go to Market Street.Image


 When we got there we went to Flax art shop. It was amazing. We had a good look around and I left with a little notebook and some lovely origami paper, they had tons of nice paper so I’m going to stock up before I leave so I can add some new paper designs to my shop. 


After we were done in Flax we walked up and down Market Street, I had read that it’s like Fifth Avenue and the Champs-Élysées, it was nothing like those at all. It was actually pretty crap, maybe we were in the wrong part of it because I think it’s a pretty big street, but from what I’ve seen I’m not impressed.

We headed home after that because we were pretty tired from walking around all day. We stopped off in Walgreens to get a few bits that we needed for the house, we also stopped in one of the discount stores and got some cheap pasta, nice. 

When I got back I just chilled on my laptop for a while and we reheated our leftover Chinese for dinner. I went out with Andy to the local shop, I bought some bud lite lime to try it, I figure if I’m going to drink at all over here I better get used to the taste of beer, bleh. He finally managed to take some money out of the ATM so that was handy. The shop we went to was crazy, the little boy behind the til sang Queen at me and the dad was dancing all over the place, strange, strange people. 

Tom came home eventually and we just chilled for the night with some Workaholics, American Dad and some beers, nothing too crazy which was nice. The toilet also got blocked again for the third time, getting sick of this already. I headed to bed early enough because everyone else was so I couldn’t really stay up watching telly, oh well. No plans for tomorrow, possibly going to attempt to find the shopping centre or I might just find the nearest Starbucks and chill there for the day, we’ll see.


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