Day 4.

So I had a good sleep last night. I went to sleep about 10:30, latest I’ve stayed up since we got here. I woke up a few times and eventually got up around 10 or maybe before, also the latest I’ve gotten up at. I had some peanut butter Cap’n crunch for breakfast, so good. Then we worked out our route to get to best buy and when everyone was showered and ready to go we went on our way. Oh, I also learned that the others got a slight touch of food poisoning which isn’t nice! Long story short, the tiny bit of sick that happened blocked up the shitty plumbing in the 100 year old apartment we’re staying in…it’s all good now though, I managed to unblock the toilet and the sink is fixed too.

So we headed to Best Buy to buy my lovely new laptop and for me, Tom and Andy to get American phones for the three months. We walked there because it was only about half an hour. On the way we stopped in Thrift Town, it was amazing! They had so many mad cool things, I didn’t buy anything but they have a sale on t-shirts tomorrow and everything is only 99c, so I might go back and see if I can get any crazy bargains.

When we got to Best Buy I headed straight to the laptop section. It was insanely hard to not make an impulse buy that I couldn’t afford and spring for a Mac, but I got myself under control and got a lovely HP laptop for $400, I love it already! We also got our phones sorted out, I paid $20 for the phone and you can top it up every month, should do the job while we’re here, it’s also a flip phone, god do I miss having a flip phone.

We decided to walk back to the apartment, well, I would have gotten the bus because I was carrying a laptop and what not, but it was ok. We got back and I made a tofurky sandwich and set up my laptop. Tom and Ali went out to lunch and me and Andy stayed in. It’s such a nice feeling to have a laptop that works and isn’t insanely slow. I caught up on my blog posts that I missed because of my old laptop not working. When the others came back we all just chilled for a bit and decided to get Chinese for dinner. I got General Tao’s meatless chicken, it was nice! I wasn’t really in the mood for food though, think it’s because of the heat, so I have some lovely leftovers for dinner tomorrow which is handy.

Tom and Ali have gone out to Dolores park now and me and Andy are juts hanging around the apartment. We all started to watch Workaholics, it’s so funny! So we’ll probably just hang around and watch that for the night when they get back.

  1. Brendan said:

    Hi Luv,it sounds like you are having a good time,laptop sounds good.Jess said you had trouble with the credit card,I rang the card company and told them it was going to be used in usa,your new one came today ,shanes goin to post it by reg post on friday.Also your new aib card came so i’ll put both of them in the same to you soon,luv Dad.

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