So day one was really long. I got up at 4:15 to get the last of my stuff ready for the airport. After a good cry and saying goodbye to my mam I hopped in the car with dad and Jess and we headed to the airport. We met the others in there and once again I said goodbye, held the tears back this time! 

The line to check in was crazy because of everyone travelling for the football, but eventually we got our bags checked in and everything was taken care of. We did the dreaded walk through security, I didn’t beep but my bag was searched. They thought my mini tripod was some sort of liquid pump dispenser, crazy airport people! 

We eventually got on our first plane to London Heathrow and we were on our way! I had a row of seats to myself so I was able to stretch out and listen to music, not for long though because the flight went really quick.

When we eventually got off the plane we hopped on a bus they had for anyone that had connecting flights, so that was really handy! We were all starving at this stage so we went to the first place we saw when we got off the bus and into the terminal. It was called Giraffe and it was really nice. I wasn’t in the mood for anything big so I just got a veggie sausage sandwich, it was quite nice! The others got breakfasts which looked amazing. 

We walked to our gate and we weren’t waiting too long to get on the plane, the long walk and bus trip worked out well in that sense. We were waiting a while to take off but once we did it was ok. I tried my best to sleep but I just kept drifting in and out, when I eventually did manage to get to sleep, both times I was woken up for food, can’t win! I only watched one film on the plan, Jeff, Who Lives at Home, I really enjoyed it. I watched some of Good Morning Vietnam too, classic. I was getting pretty restless for the whole flight so I think if I ever did it again I’d make sure I had a good stop over somewhere like Chicago so I could walk around a bit and break up the flight, there wasn’t that much room to walk on the plane. Although, we did have good seats at the very back so we could look out the window and we were close to the toilets, which surprisingly wasn’t that annoying. Don’t let me forget to mention the crazy drunk Russian guy, he literally drank for the whole flight and he was hammered! I wonder if he got through immigration…

When we got off the plane we had to go through immigration, it went grand! I was just asked a few questions about where I was staying and who I was with and that was that. When we got out of the airport to wait for a taxi we nearly melted, but we got one quick enough so it was ok. When we got to the apartment we let ourselves in and Julie came to meet us shortly after. She showed us around and told us all the little quirks to look out for because the apartment is 100 years old! So we had a quick chat with her, she’s so lovely! Then she went off and we collapsed on any comfortable surface available.

After we had a quick rest we went out for a wander, we’re in such a Latino neighbourhood! It’s crazy but so cool to see so many different cultures, it’s definitely not like home at all. We got a few bits in Walgreens just to keep us going and then we went back to the apartment. We ordered pizza for dinner from a place called Serranos, it was lovely! It was also the easiest option because none of us were able to move, let alone cook something for dinner. We went to bed pretty early because we had been up over 24 hours and felt like we were going to die. 

Also, incase you were wondering, this post is obviously not written on the first day due to laptop problems, but it’s just been typed on my lovely shiny new one 🙂


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