Day 3.

We were up early again today! I didn’t really have the best sleep but I felt ok anyway. Tom was heading into Palo Alto on his own to check out where he was going to work and how he was going to get there, so I said I’d go with him just so he wasn’t alone and scared! We got the bus to the train station and then waited a while on the train and hopped on towards Palo Alto. The trains were really nice, way nicer than the plane!

We eventually got to Palo Alto, it’s such a nice place! I think we might try and get an apartment there for August, I definitely wouldn’t mind living there, it seems to have everything and it’s so nice.

So Tom headed to the office so I went to sit in Starbucks. The guy he was supposed to meet was on his lunch so he followed me to Starbucks and we got something to eat there. Then he went off to meet him, he wasn’t too long!
When he got back we had a quick chat about how it went and then we went to check out getting a phone, it’s so confusing over here! The guy in T-Mobile was really nice though, he tried to see if a sim would work in our iphones bust it wouldn’t so we said we would try and get it unlocked, we wandered for a while but couldn’t find the place so we had a quick look in the Vans shop and then got the train home, where we waited for nearly half an hour!

When we got back to the apartment we just took it easy for the rest of the night. I made pasta with cheese and veggie bacon, it was lovely! The others had some sort of weird rice concoction. Then I headed into my “bed” to relax and I watched some of How I Met Your Mother season 6, so funny! Then I had to let the cats in, they’re so annoying! One would come in and the other would run out, eventually I got them in and locked up for the night.






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