Day 2.

Well, because of the insane jet lag and travelling we did, we were all up insanely early today. I think I got up around 7 which felt so weird, but it was kind of nice. I face timed my family for a while and that was nice. We had showers and got ready to go out and do some shopping in Safeway, it’s the nearest big supermarket to us so we figured we would get the majority of our shopping done there and then just pick up bits and pieces along the way. The walk there wasn’t too bad apart from the heat.

We spent a good bit of money in there…but we got some good stuff that we actually needed, I also got some veggie food, can’t wait to try it! The walk back wasn’t as nice because all of the paper bags started to break with the weight of what we bought, but we got home eventually and put it all away. We didn’t do much for the rest of the day because we were all fairly tired. We did however go on a hunt to find an airbed for Andy so he doesn’t have to sleep in a hammock for 2 months! We had a good wander around the neighbourhood and looked in tons of shops but found nothing, eventually we went to Walgreens because I had to get some stuff, lo and behold we found an airbed for $12! I also got 4 vitamin water for $5, gotta love America.~
While we were queuing to pay we were told that their systems had gone down, we could have left but we really needed the airbed so we stuck around and waited. The staff were so nice and friendly about it, they even came around with free bottles of cold water for us while we waited, now that’s customer service! Eventually the systems were back up and running so we paid and walked home.

Tom made us some lovely pasta for dinner that night and then we just watched some telly. We were all still pretty tired from travelling though so we all went to bed fairly early.

I’ve decided that for now I’m just going to add the pictures at the end of the post with their description, it’s too hard to think back at exactly what we did that day…

Francis the cat, as we like to call him Fat Francis or Fatty Francis, he’s lovely but can’t jump well


My lovely tofurky sandwich I made for lunch! So much better than the quorn slices at home. Also, American butter is weird.


Sweet wooden car.


Free water, NICE!



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